BachCircle_blackWelcome to the website/blog of Rowan University Trumpet Professor, Dr. Bryan Appleby-Wineberg.  Here you can find information about me as well as links to the music, trumpet, and brass groups I work with and my thoughts on brass pedagogy.  You can “FOLLOW” the blog updates by clicking on the “FOLLOW” button to the right and entering your email address.  Please contact me if you have questions or comments.  I love teaching and brass, and look forward to meeting and hearing from you.

You can also connect with me on Twitter (@rowantptprof), the “Feed” is to the right on all of these pages except this homepage, and on Instagram (rowantptprof), that “Feed” is also to the right of all pages after this homepage.




2 thoughts on “WELCOME

    • Hi Julie,

      You can get all the info HERE:

      Please call me (contact info is on the Rowan University Dept. of Music page)or email me if you have questions. We would love to see you guys next weekend!!! It should be a great day! Cheers, B-

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