AUDITIONS for Rowan Admission (2021-22)

If you are interested in becoming a member of The Rowan University Trumpet Studio we want to hear from you.

To register for an audition go HERE.  If you would like to take a free lesson either in preparation for your audition or as a way to help make your college decision, just contact me HERE (or send an email to my Rowan account) and we’ll sit down and work on trumpet playing and music!

Audition Dates for 2021/2022 (fall 2022 matriculation): 

Audition Dates for Fall 2022 matriculation:

  • TBA

On your audition day, in addition to your performance audition, there is a welcome session as well as ‘break-out’ session for each area (winds, brass, and percussion; strings; voice; and Music Industry) plus a Piano Placement Exam.  You will also need to take Theory, Aural Skills Placement Exams online (a link will be provided to you once you have been accepted into the program).

AUDITION DAY SCHEDULE (unless otherwise noted on the Dept of Music Website):

  • 12:30-1pm       Student registration in Wilson Hall
  • 1pm                 Welcome Session
  • 1:30                 Area Break-Out Sessions with Faculty
  • 2:00                 Individual Auditions
  • Ongoing         Theory, Sight-Singing, and Piano Diagnostic Exams

Audition Requirements for Trumpet can be found HERE. Just scroll down for the information.  Basically we need to hear a two-octave concert Bb scale (single-tongued), a chromatic scale (low F# to High C and back down slurred),  and then something fast, and something slow.  If you have questions contact me, I am glad to help with whatever you may need.  

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