UK Videos

January 2010:  Sledging behind the Black Bull


24 December 2009:  Video of Christmas Eve in Lindley, Huddersfield:

Christmas Eve in Lindley, UK

2 November 2009 Video of our Royal Albert Hall show:

Royal Albert Hall Brass and Choir Fest Concert

2 November 2009 Video of kids at Kensington Gardens:

Kensington Gardens

13 October 2009 Video of  Yorkshire Dales trip II:

Aysgarth Falls and Fountains Abbey

13 October 2009 Video of Yorkshire Dales trip:

Yorkshire Dales

7 October, 2009 Video:

Lindley Shopping District

6 October, 2009 Video:

Kate, Hannah, and Sarah feeding the ducks

Turns out posting to YouTube is easier than uploading videos to the blog.

So…… are the first 2.  These are our street, favorite local pub, and flat.

Part I:
Part II:



2 thoughts on “UK Videos

  1. You are truly having a wonderful time! Loved the concert at RoyalAlbert. It is a long time since I was there (72-73) and at Kensington Gardens. Your parents cannot wait until Dec. mucho love, Marjean

  2. Thanks for posting guys! Really enjoy keeping up with your latest events, etc. Especially the videos! Best Wishes, Jodi Leslie

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