France trip with B&R (UPDATED#2)

Just returned from a quick visit to France with The Brighouse and Rastrick Band. I was able to play 3rd man down.  Will be 5th man down and “floating to all chairs as needed” for the rest of the fall as their current player has had to leave.  4th Man down auditions will start next week (October 13).  They need long term stability and since at the latest I’ll be back in the states on July 1, I may yet be just learning by hanging around with the guys.  Can’t begin to tell you what an honor it is to be playing with them.  They are an outstanding group of musicians, players, and people.  Very, very welcoming and fun.  We had a rip-roaring time on the bus and after the show last night.  And further EVERYONE reads better than I do.  EVERYONE.

The trip was rather interesting.  We took a bus to the Chunnel ( and then the bus just drove onto the the train.  The train closed up and took us through.   After about 40 minutes we just drove off and were in France.  

We arrived, did a rehearsal, had an excellent meal, and then played a very good show.  I must admit to scrambling a bit.  Just so much music to learn from Tuesday to Saturday.  I’m hoping to be better this week.

A funny moment was on the way back when the bus ran out of petrol on the M1!  Took some time to get it all sorted out and back on our way.  No bother, weather was great as was the conversation, so we hung out on the hill above the road and waited for a bit.  Got home right on schedule anyway.

We have another program to learn and play at the York Minster ( on Oct. 10.  Since I’ll be full-time with B&R for now, I’ll also continue having a great time with The Lindley Band.  We’ll decide this week if I’m able to do contest with them on Oct. 24.

Today I was listening to our CD (the Reunion and Finale track) with one of the euph players.  

Key points:  

  • Vibrato (not enough from anyone except tbns and tuba)- if you want a tempo for the waves try semi-quavers @ 110 or faster
  • back-row NEVER enough sound (it is OK to be a bit brassy just use vibrato)
  • 1st and 2nd horns and baritones-NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER enough sound.  
  • Sean said “It sort of sounds like there isn’t a middle to the band.  
  • Translation:  not enough horns, back row and baritones.  
  • Also, front row could be a bit less and sop cold be a bit more.

All very interesting isn’t it?

Let me know if you have questions.



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