B&R, The King’s Singers, and David Childs (wow!)

This sabbatical continues to be beyond all of my expectations.

I can’t write much, but sometimes in life, there are moments you will remember forever.  This concert was one of those.  The family spent the day in York (see photos in photo section), the band did 3 short rehearsals starting @ 4:30 (with only a short break for some food) and the show was 7:30 at The York Minster.

The band played very, very well with Mr. McCann conducting, David Childs played the euphonium unlike I have ever heard before (way beyond stunning), and the King’s Singers in that space (4-5 sec. reverberation) was magic.

When we finished (after 2 1/2 hours), the bus stayed in town for a bit so we could go have a pint.  At the pub we met a former brass band trombonist who decided to buy the band a round!  What a great end a spectacular day.

Oh and since the concert was so late I was able to get a ride back from the band room from B&R euph. player Sean Conway who has a Mini Cooper.  Sean is a wonderful person and player, but also an airline captain and he really knows how to drive.  The trip home was very short and very thrilling.



One thought on “B&R, The King’s Singers, and David Childs (wow!)

  1. Bryan,

    I am so jealous. Thanks for all the updates. I can’t wait until you get back and tell us all about your unpublishible experiences.

    John Bland

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