More contest ideas from Lindley

Just wanted to give you a brief update on contest prep here with The Lindley Band.

Here is the 2 week schedule:
Mon:     Sectionals: 7-8:30 low brass, 8:30-10 horns and cornets.  Neil Jowett the MD does all the conducting for these.

Wed:     Rehearsal w/ guest conductor Jim Davis
Fri:       Rehearsal w/guest conductor Jim Davis
Sun:      Double Rehearsal:

  • 4-5:30 Reh
  • 5:30-6 Tea
  • 6-7:30 Reh

Mon:     Sectionals same as above
Wed:     Reh w/ Jim Davis
Thur:    Reh w/Jim Davis
Fri:       Reh w/ Jim Davis
Sat:      CONTEST

The theme of the rehearsals continues to be “Do everything on the page”.

While Neil covers the sectionals and is the MD, he is actually playing Rep for the band at the contest. As he is sitting directly behind me and a former Dyke cornet, I can report his articulation is clean as you can imagine and he has a very fast and accurate triple tongue.

The over all impression I get from these rehearsals is this: As a band, every detail must be covered: Accents, dynamics, rhythm, ensemble etc.. But above all else the band must play together. Neil won’t compromise on it and neither will Jim.

AND, we are not to miss notes.

So again in order:
1-play with a great warm and balanced sound
2-play together
3-play in tune
4-don’t miss notes
5-when in doubt see 1 through 4

In essence nothing else matters if 1-4 don’t happen. If you don’t do 1-4 just stop now and go to the pub……



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