Just found out tonight the players, MD Alan Morrison, The Committee, and Chairman (Dean Redfern) have agreed to let me to stay on with Brighouse and Rastrick through the end of our stay here in the UK. This a very big deal in many ways. I learn more every rehearsal and the players have been so nice I’m really feeling like part of the team. Can’t even begin to tell you what this means to me.

I had a great time on Rep last weekend as we played a joint concert with Boobs & Brass. Great bunch of players and people. We have another concert this weekend and I’ll also be doing some caroling with Richard Jones (B&R cornet who gives me a ride to all rehearsals).
In addition, I’m going to play flugel for B&R on our 12 December concerts! Should be very fun.

Finally, I have been asked to do a solo with The Lindley Band at their Gala Concert at Huddersfield Town Hall. This happens on 18 December and our warm-up concert will be 13 December. Sarah will take video and if it goes well I’ll post it……no promises 🙂


3 thoughts on “NEWS!!!!

  1. Thanks Colin! Chops and mental focus keep getting stronger. Go figure, rehearsals each night, practice lots during the day, shows on the weekend=stronger chops and a sharper mind…..



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