The cost of a UK sabbatical

As you all may imagine this whole trip is costing quite a bit of money.  The truth is we couldn’t have done it with out using some inheritance (from the sale of Sarah’s uncle’s house in the UK) which was given to us by Sarah’s parents (it covers our food and housing!!!).  We also got some big support from my parents in the form of legal and visa fees.

But the real point in this post is about the kids.  We have been quite clear with Kate and Hannah that we really don’t have the money or luggage room to be buying toys (or other things) while we are here.  Kate has apparently taken this to heart.  Now 8 years old and wise and industrious beyond her years, she has not complained a single time.  But look what she has been forced into so she can “dress” her Barbies.  Poor thing has resorted to dressing them in 2 old socks (warn out from the 3-mile round trip walks to school!!!) and an unused bandage.

Hannah’s comment: “Now does this look like the mark of good parents?”………….um……… I have to answer that?

We think maybe Santa will be bringing some new Barbie clothes for this precious child.


P.S.  Notice the wrist bands on the Barbie on the right.  They are the left over bits of the socks….Kate called them accessories…

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