Made me laugh

For Christmas I also received a “NOTE CRACKER” of Jokes and Quotes about music and musicians (and even some about vocalists).  Some I had not heard or had forgotten:

Q:  Why can’t gorillas play trumpet?

A:  They are too sensitive!

Sarah (my wife) laughed a bit too hard……

The bands don’t meet again until 4 Jan, (Lindley) and 5 Jan. (B&R) so tomorrow AM I’m off on a 3-day, 2-night trip with my parents, Sarah, and the girls. We’ll spend a day and night in Chester and then two days in Wales.

I’m sure the Atlantic Brass Band gig at Laurita Winery this afternoon was great.  Guest Conductor was Blair Bollinger, Bass Trombonist of the Philadelphia Orchestra.  MD Sal Scarpa is still busy conducting Nutcracker like crazy with the Pennsylvania Ballet.


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