Snow Day!!!

UK is having the coldest winter in 30-years. We got about 6-inches of snow yesterday. Hannah came home @ 10:30 and both girls are home from school today. It is “bitterly cold across the UK” according to the reports which means about 23-degrees Fahrenheit for a low in Huddersfield.

B&R was cancelled last night (some major roads all across the UK were closed).

I’m sure we’ll go sledding today (sledging is the UK term). There are some great hills near us. Hannah went with friends yesterday for 3 hours. She spent the rest of the day on the couch and is still asleep now (12 noon)….oh wait she just woke up!

All seems kind of funny to this Michigan boy. But they just don’t have the snow removal equipment here (they don’t normally get this kind of cold or snow) and we heard on the radio yesterday that many places only have 3-days of road salt (grit) left and it is only 6 January.

I must admit watching people drive in this is hysterical. Sarah just reported our neighbor is out pouring boiling water over his windshield to get the ice off of his car. We saw someone using a dust pan to get the snow off of their car window.

Yesterday morning at a cross walk, a women drove past us going about .05 MPH yelling out her open window “Don’t cross in front of me. I can’t stop my car!” Poor lady was terror stricken and I’ll bet her daughter, who was getting a ride to school, was too! Sarah, Kate, and I almost fell over we laughed so hard.

Stay safe,

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