Spain update and NABBA!!!

Just finished 2 1/2 hr. rehearsal with King for our show tomorrow. Program is VERY hard. We have not spent enough time on it as a group or as individuals. He is not happy but neither is the band.

The Feds here have announced there will be no flights in or out of the UK before 1PM tomorrow. Just doing the math on flight times, bus time from Barcelona to the concert site, and the time change to the continent, I’m guessing we need to be in the air by 3:30 in order to make the 10PM concert downbeat.

If this happens I’m sure Billy will be glad to buy me 2-pints we officially have riding on this bet. However, the I think possibility that this will happen is about zero. I’ll be the one paying.

Also, I want to wish The Atlantic Brass Band lots of luck tomorrow and Saturday at the NABBA Championships. Good luck also to our friends in Princeton, and COB, as well as Colin and the folks in CBB. Remember to have fun. We are not getting paid for this obsession so least it had better be fun.


2 thoughts on “Spain update and NABBA!!!

  1. Bryan, i couldn’t think of a better or nicer person to supply me with my alcoholic winnings, i can’t wait until tomorrow!

    • Yeah I’ll bet! The only problem is I’m buying Lager for you. Still can’t believe you drink that crap. Anyway glad to pay-up. See you tomorrow.

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