Lindley @ Blackpool

Hi Everyone,

Lindley played yesterday at the Spring Festival in Blackpool. The contest is in 3 sections and features 60 invited bands. We competed in the lowest of the 3 sections (The Senior Trophy) and came 14 out of 20. Though far from perfect, the band did play quite well. Richard Jones, my friend and colleague at B&R, was there reporting for The Bandsman and picked the correct top 5. He also said we could have come between 8 and 12 so it wasn’t all bad.

For the first time in 4 contests we were not drawn #1!!   The bottom 6 bands in the section get kicked out of the contest and 6 bands from the waiting list (which I hear is about 10 years long) get put into the contest for next year, so Lindley do indeed live to fight another day.

After the show we had a nice meal in around the corner in Blackpool which is sort of Ocean City meets Atlantic City meets Gatlinburg, TN. Kind of an odd place. Wish I had remembered my camera so you could see what I’m talking about.  You can see results, commentary, and photos at 4BR.

By the end of the section, Richard was sick of the Lalo and ready to drive us to the B&R concert back in Rastrick. Show went OK (I could have sworn I knew how to play the Ab section of Gaelforce…..guess I was wrong).

It was indeed a very long day. Ian Culross who is playing lead for B&R for the month also played at the contest (and rode back with us in Richard’s car). His solo on the evening didn’t sound like he was tired at all. May have even been better then the last time I heard him play.


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