A couple of pictures from summer events

It was a very busy summer for us here in New Jersey.  Trips to VT, CA, NH, VA, KY, and PA mostly dealing with trumpet/cornet or family.  Above are pictures from recent trumpet/cornet stuff.

Rowan University Trumpet Boot Camp IV will start a week from Monday on 27 August.  We will meet from 9-12 Monday-Wed.  If the gang wants to meet in the afternoon those days we will extend our time.  This is a great chance for everyone to shock their chops out of “summer” mode and into “semester” mode.  Also a great chance to coach each other and to give the new students (first years and graduate students) an introduction to how the Rowan Trumpet Studio works.

In the next post I’ll link you all to some very interesting lip slur techniques and exercises being written by Dr. Scott Belck who is Dir. of Jazz Studies at CCM, and a founding member of Tromba Mundi.

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