Two important things today

First, it is a very sad day. Rod Franks, longtime Principal Trumpet of the LSO has passed away after an automobile accident.  This is a huge loss for his family but also the world of brass.  I had the pleasure of meeting him for a lesson in London many years ago.  He was very kind and helpful. Then while the LSO was on tour in NYC and I was doing my DMA at Rutgers, I was able to get him to do a master class.  I drove into the city and picked him up at his hotel and took him to Rutgers.  It was a  great class.  We met up a third time at The University of Huddersfield when I was on sabbatical in 2009/10 and he was giving a master class for Philip McCann’s brass students.  The class ended with us all reading from his original Star Wars trumpet parts and playing along as he conducted and talked about the sessions with John Williams.   He was a great musician and trumpet player and will be missed by all.

Here is the link from 4BarsRest.


On a happier note, this youtube video of the recording session with Eminence Brass is really cool!


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