Photos updated

We spent the weekend up in the Yorkshire Dales. Drive up was unreal. Sarah took some great video and photos. We’ll have to edit the video but I have updated some photos.

We stayed at Grinton Lodge, a Youth Hostel. On the way up we visited the Aysgarth Falls (you can see them in the Costner movie “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves”), and on the way back we toured Fountains Abby.  Saturday all Trans-Atlantic flights in and out of the UK were cancelled due to gale force winds over the entire country.  The photos from Fountains Abby show what kind of day we had today (Sunday). The photos don’t lie, it was spectacular.  

The car we rented (made by Ford and called a Ka) was so small I couldn’t fit my horns. Got all of our stuff in 1 suite case that would fit in the boot. Chops needed a break anyway.  

The photo of our car is from the car park outside of the lodge.  Notice the Lotus?  What is that doing at a Youth Hostel?  We didn’t know either…..

Sectionals with Lindley tomorrow. Monday schedule is: 7-8:30 low brass, 8:30-10 cornets and horns.  We have an early enough draw that I am able to play the contest and still get back to Huddersfield Town Hall for my rehearsal and concert with B&R.



2 thoughts on “Photos updated

  1. Bryan,

    My congratulations on your success and wondeful insights. They’ve been doing this for 150 years, so they have some things worked out.

    You should know that Muker (down the road from Reeth) is the homeland of the Metcalfs, thinking of Owen.

    While i have only had the experience of playing in a British brass band a few times, I’ve been to quite a few rehearsals, and also to 4 contests, and like you, I found the experience to be a revelation, especially the contests. the top 5 or 6 bands play it perfectly, but you do get to hear and understand the “separaters”.

    Looking forward to your next note. Please pass on my regards to any old friends over there you happen to run into.

  2. Thanks Herb! Great to know Owen was from such a stunningly beautiful place. We just couldn’t believe how beautiful it all was.

    Had just a wonderful weekend.

    Just got home from the sectional and the pub with the Lindley Band. Great fun. They just won’t accept splits. Conductor just keeps stopping when people miss. This has really changed my concentration level and my practice habits.

    After 2 weeks of playing with 2 bands my chops are finally starting to respond. Felt great tonight at rehearsal.

    Looking forward to seeing Mr. McCann tomorrow with B&R!



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