Trying to get up to the standard of B&R

Had another B&R rehearsal last night with the very focused and unrelenting standards of Mr. McCann. I still feel like I’m adjusting to just how fast and accurate this all has to be. There is no time to learn notes in rehearsal. We go!

Many of these guys never went to music school, just took lessons and came up through the band system. And it seems a VERY rare moment when they actually outright miss a note. Last night I only remember hearing Greg (3rd man down) and Andrew (5th man down) missing about 1x each FOR THE WHOLE 2 HR. Rehearsal! Just spot on, accurate at both very loud and very soft dynamics. And they have excellent time too.

As I practice each day I’m just desperate to get better as fast as possible so I don’t totally mess everything up.

We’ll run everything on Thursday’s rehearsal to get ready for Saturday.

Concert day schedule is a bit crazy. We are playing with the King’s Singers and David Childs (euph) so we have to rehearse with them in the afternoon.

Here is the schedule:

4:30-5:30 with David Childs
5:30-7 with The King’s Singers (we won’t need this much time)
7:30 SHOW

The site of the show is the York Minster. Since I’ll spend the whole day in York with Sarah and the girls we’ll be sure to post photos of the site.



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