Laughing with B&R

You wouldn’t believe how much grief they gave Colin about my post!  They wanted to know how much he had to pay me.  Ha!  Others want the same billing.  I think have actually talked about most of the B&R Band (back row, front row, tubas, sop, rep, flugel and horn sounds and blend, the baritone engine) The truth is that the band is filled with people like Colin who are excellent at what they do.  Though someone did admit that Colin’s early practice for The Area’s is probably unusual.

I suppose back in the states we need to understand what they do here (and in Lindley) really isn’t a secret.  They do it though tradition, dedication, focus, and work.  There are little characteristic things each player does to make their part work in the whole, but those things are minor adjustments.  The point(s) I was making about Colin is that no matter how you slice it, every part is important, there is NO hiding, and if we want ABB to be a true top band we need to understand it takes outstanding effort from each player and that starts with sound and time.  Sitting next to Colin that perception was strongly reinforced.


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