I don’t want to hope too much but……

Tonight I attended the Elland Beginner Band rehearsal. My companion for the bus trip over was Kate who dragged along her newly borrowed Lindley Band cornet equipped with my Wick 4B (which she found lying about the flat and has been buzzing more or less non-stop for the past 4 or 5 days).  She had been stealing my cornet to honk on too.

I took her thefts and practicing as a sign that I just might have a kindred spirit in the family.  We even did a bit of 3-note call and response a couple of times so I could at least make sure she was putting it on her face and holding the horn correctly.  I even caught her with my tuner trying to do the  James Stamp mouthpiece warm-up…..

Today, after we got the cornet from The Lindley Band Room and were walking home she said “Dad, I’m glad you’re my cornet teacher”.

Tonight, she sat in the rehearsal, went in the next room to have a bit of a coaching/lesson, and when we got home I had to tell her to stop playing and leave it in the case least the neighbors get upset.

She wants to go back again next week…………stay tuned.

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