The difference between the US and UK or OK I still have snow on the brain

This post has nothing to do with banding, but I have been laughing about this thought all day.

As I have said, here in the UK we are witnessing the coldest snowiest winter in almost 30-years. Tonight our “boys night out for beer” was called off due to a bit of snow.

In Lindley, Huddersfield, 6-inches of snow closed schools for 2 1/2 days. The folks are just not used to this. This morning we had temperatures in the high teens (fahrenheit) which was termed by THE SNOW DESK as “bitter cold”.

On the radio they read a text from a man walking in Huddersfield at the height of the snow who wrote “It feels like the world is ending”.

After 4-days the foot paths (sidewalks) are still totally covered in snow as are all the side roads.

At Kate’s primary school the playground blacktop is still totally covered with snow and the teachers park 3-blocks away on the main road because the car park (parking lot) is closed and still covered with snow. And yet………in light of all of this………the kids still went outside for recess!!!

In Glassboro, NJ (where they just got 2-feet of the white stuff)….Kate remembered today “Back home, they don’t let us go out when it snows, and if by some chance we do go out, we are not allowed to touch it”.

Just makes me laugh that here while “the world is ending” the kids go out to play, and back home where everything gets plowed and salted, my kids can’t touch it!

3 thoughts on “The difference between the US and UK or OK I still have snow on the brain

  1. Enjoyed the read that I retrieved through Google alerts. I am a retired teacher and the children are not permitted out for a few reasons.
    1- Snowballs can be thrown and therefore perhaps causing some bodily harm=lawsuit
    2- Snow melts causing water to collect on slippery floors = lawsuit
    This water make for very unhappy custodians also.
    3- Some students are not prepared with appropriate clothing to be worn in the snow. If you let the students out to play the parent gets upset and that = lawsuit
    Remember this is the lawsuit country. We keep our lawyers in big business.
    Early in my career….early 70s & 80s if the snow was reasonable we were permitted to take students outside

    • Yup! A couple of years ago i tried to get my oldest daughter to stage a protest by “accidently” slipping and falling into the snow and writhing around on the ground saying “Oh, the pain! The burn! The snow is KILLING ME!!!”

      She wouldn’t go for it though they were allowed out on the blacktop, which was clear.

      Here, the kids who don’t have boots or “Wellies” are not allowed out. Oh, and they also go out when it rains. The reality is that if they waited for good weather they would never go out 🙂

      We are applying the same rule to family outings.

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