The Beautiful Game (updated)

Huddersfield Town 2, Southend 1!

In November we made plans to attend a Huddersfield Town football (soccer) game today 16 Jan.  When B&R scheduled a rehearsal on top of the game I thought long and hard before making sure I could miss and go to the game.  Thanks Mick for taking the rehearsal and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone for the 3 hour rehearsal tomorrow.

We went with both girls and with Kate’s friend and parents.  The same Huddersfield player scored in both halves.  A guy by the name of Rhodes.  And you know what his theme song was?  “Country Roads” by John Denver.  I have not heard that tune in a very long time and NEVER would have expected to hear it at a football game in West Yorkshire after a goal.  Just cracked me up.  The second goal was a header on a beautiful corner.

Rain held off all day, and though it got cold at the end of the game we were more than warm enough.  Oh, and we also had a couple of pints at the pub before the game.  A great day.


UPDATE:  As this post indicates, I missed Saturday’s extra rehearsal to go to the game.  On Sunday when we had another extra B&R rehearsal, at least 3 people came up to me and said “Oh, Bryan!  We thought you had gone back to the States.” or “Oh, Bryan!  Didn’t recognize you, it has been so long since we saw you.”  And of course Steve March (2nd tbn.) said “Part-timer.”

One thought on “The Beautiful Game (updated)

  1. Philly just got a Major League Soccer team the Philadelphia Union…Ive never really been into soccer as far as watching it on TV but i think Im gonna try and check it out…seems like it would be a lot more fun live

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