Stepping in it! OR “When in doubt, leave it out.”

This week B&R is doing a whole bunch of extra stuff due to the concert at Royal Northern we have on Sunday (part of a big brass festival there and most of the top bands are playing). Lots of OK music that we really have not seen before.

Though I’m “Dep” for Mick this week, he was back last night just for fun. And for him it was fun as both he and Richard had a good laugh over one of my unintended solos. I miss counted and played a rather loud quaver solo 2 full beats before the rest of the cornet section. Thankfully I was able to doge the quick and sharp elbows to my ribs from my stand partners.

Alex’s quote (said about 2 minutes later) is in the title of this post.
Hope I’m better at tonight’s extra rehearsal. Mick will be gone but Richard and Colin’s elbows are quick and I won’t be able to dodge forever.


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