Important things first:

On Saturday late afternoon, I was able to go out with Richard and Sean for a mini-pub crawl.  Richard and I took the train to Marsden and convinced Sean to come back out to the pub.  Sean had already been at the pub basically all day.  However, it was easy to convince him to come out again.


Both B&R and Lindley have begun contest prep for The Areas on March 6 and 7.  It would be stating it mildly to say the intensity in the bandroom(s) is significantly higher.  There is a strong sense of anticipation, focus, and purpose in the West Yorkshire air…..

Finially:  Royal Northern College of Music concert update.

Colin Holman (MD Chicago Brass Band) posted a comment on the blog and included this link to the 4BR review of our concert at RNCM:  http://www.4barsrest.com/reviews/concerts/con627.asp

Seems the reviewer agreed that B&R is starting to sound really good.  I’m looking forward to hearing what they do with English Heritage in the coming weeks!


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