So……last night at B&R we (in the front row) had our butts handed to us.  For 10-minutes, the three of us (Matt was stuck in Bristol) went over and over a rather sticky spot (2nd page) in Overture to Zampa by French composer Louis Joseph Ferdinand Herold and arr. by Rimmer.  We had read it for the first time last Thursday and I just knew Alan Morrison would be coming back to it last night.  However, I was unable to take one of the 3 copies home….the other guys wanted the parts to work on and Sheridan (B&R librarian) had gone home by the time we had finished rehearsal.   Of course being a cornet player I didn’t remember to try and get a copy from Lindley (I have a key to the band room and library for crying out loud!!)

So… was grim last night.  We didn’t play the section correctly a single time (even when I was leaving whole measures out).  Alan’s parting shot (with a smile) was: “Gents, there is no need to be embarrassed to take this home and learn it.”…………..OUCH!

I now have an extra part to work from!  Think Sarah and the girls will be humming this piece in their sleep due to hearing it hundreds of times in the next 2-days?   You can count on it!


4 thoughts on “Grrrrrrrr!

    • Hi Colin,

      Oh Alan was not at all out of line. We couldn’t play it and he let us know it wasn’t acceptable. I suppose my “Grrrrrrr” was more aimed at me not taking the steps to get a copy of the part and paying for it in embarrassment.

      When we can’t play it, I’m not sure “a fine line” is called for. 🙂



  1. HOLY SNAP! It’s good to hear that even my trumpet elders are human… and get their butts handed to them on a silver platter.



    • And for tonight’s rehearsal I’m very close to being able to play it all cold. And Sarah is sick of listening to it.

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