Grrrrrrrrr! UPDATE

Had another rehearsal last night with B&R. Greg got stuck a work but Matt was back. 2nd piece in rehearsal was…..ZAMPA of course. And……..we played it top to bottom, Alan said “Much better cornets”, and we turned it over! Guess the 2 1/2 hours I spent on it Wed. and Thurs. paid off.

Funny moment for me was after rehearsal when Steve (principal cornet) went to tell the whole back-row to take their music home to practice because someone told him we were wasting too much time in rehearsals on the cornet section. Just cracked me up. I think it has been the front row (me included) that has been taking up the most time. I think our back-row actually beats the pants off of any other back-row around, and I heard Dyke 2-weeks ago.

As I said a couple of posts ago, the intensity level is increasing rapidly in both the Lindley and B&R band rooms as we get closer to The Areas.


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