Getting the horn fixed

So after telling myself for months (years really) that the problems with pitch and clarity on my Besson Prestige were my chops and not practicing enough, I’m finally getting the horn fixed.  Next week I’ll have a new leadpipe put on.  The B&R guys directed me to An Octave Above on the other side of Huddersfield to see if I could get the leaks fixed.  The repair man said, “Yes you have leaks, but the red-rot that has been patched so many times on the leadpipe is causing major pitch and sound issues.”  So next week I’ll be a new player! ….. Probably not, but I hope to not have to work as hard to make the thing go.

The price of Sarah’s company on this all day trip (via bus and foot) which also included  a 15-20 minute brass band discussion with Tom the shop owner, was taking her to a very nice lunch.  I mentioned that, overall I thought the food while here in the UK has been markedly better then we have visited in the past.  She responded that it might just be the difference between being in Huddersfield (good food) vs Newcastle (not so much).  Made me laugh.

Even though she enjoyed the food, I’m guessing she isn’t going to come back to the shop next week to wait while the new leadpipe is put on, good food or not.



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