Getting the music bug

So with Kate adding the cornet to her violin interests, Hannah’s daily violin practicing (and participation in 2 new groups here), and my nearly constant trumpet and cornet playing, you would think we have enough music going on in the flat.

You would be wrong.

Now Sarah, who joined the church choir when we arrived, is getting her singing chops in shape (she actually has a very nice voice with good pitch). But she has even added a sort of pick-up choir to her weekly routine. Over Easter she’ll be performing J.H. Maunder’s “Olivet to Calvary” with a local group that includes several singers from our church choir.
This week we bought the work on iTunes and as I’m doing my morning warm-up in Kate’s room, I can hear Sarah in our room, plugged into her iTouch, singing through her parts.

It is all very interesting to me. I have never pushed music on any of “the A-W girls” but suddenly it is as if everyone in the family has the music bug.

We’ll see where this leads but I’m really enjoying everyone being able to relate to my neurosis in a very real way.

Off to the James Harriot house and for a visit to Thirsk for the next two days. Have a great weekend and stay safe you crazy Glassboro folks who are getting up to 2-feet of snow.

Oh and I hear there is a football game on?   Super something…… Can’t decide who I want to win more the Lions or the Browns.

Actually I would like to see the Saints win. Have you seen the computer analysis video of Drew Brees throwing?  Kind of cool.
Here it is:


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