Time to put up or shut up!

Hi Everyone,

Today is the first day of The Yorkshire Area Championships.  All four sections play this weekend in Bradford.  Lindley’s final rehearsal was last night at the band room and today B&R will finish up their preparations.  In Lindley we have had a strong 2-weeks and the band has improved immensely. Whether or not it is enough to have a good day today I cannot tell, but we can play Moorside Suite.  As our guest conductor Paul Andrews said “It isn’t a matter of can you play it, it is a matter of how well you are going to play it on the day.”  That day is today and it is time to put up or shut up.

Coach leaves the band room @ 12:30, we have a rehearsal scheduled in Bradford for 1:30, The Draw is also at @ 1:30, and then we put it all on the line.  I think the first band starts @ 2:30 and we should have results by around 7:30 PM.

As Lindley has drawn #1 for the past 3 contests I am really hoping to be somewhere in the middle this time.  Maybe a 7 might be nice for a change.  It is almost impossible to do really well from the top spot.

If you want updates you can check out 4BarsRest.com.  If I have not spent too much time at the pub in Bradford I’ll try to write tonight when we get back home.


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