Avonbank gets 3rd!

We all had a great weekend in THE SOUTH.  We were able to spend some very good time Friday evening with Avonbank listening to their final rehearsal before they secured 3rd place at their regional.  CONGRATS!!   MD Nick Smith and his family were great hosts and their house was a wonderful place to stay for the night.

On Saturday  we headed off to Bath (pic in photo section) and Bristol.  On Sunday we traveled to Stonehenge:

After Stonehenge we drove to Avebury which also has a stone circle of sorts (smaller stones then Stonehenge but much larger circle):

Finally we drove just north of London to hang out with Neville Young and his wife Deborah.  We had a splendid time relaxing, eating, and catching up.  Their dog Daisy (a border collie) was so nice to us and even did her “Gargoyle Trick” of sticking her head out between the spindles on the stairs in a funny gargoyle imitation.  Neville even baked a cake AND bread.

It was late when we returned last night after a 3 hr drive back to THE NORTH.  Today we drove the kids to school and then dropped the car back on the other side o Huddersfield before the long run home (all up hill!).  Though Enterprise Rentals will drive us home for free, Sarah insists on running.  Of course the run there is all downhill so that is fine, it is just the Monday runs back home that are the killer.

This week I continue to conduct Lindley as we prepare for our concert on 27 March and Brighouse has a “Massed Bands” show at Huddersfield Town Hall on Saturday.  Oh, and Kate is playing cornet in a festival/contest on Sunday with The Elland Silver Beginning Band.  I’ll try to post photos of that too.


One thought on “Avonbank gets 3rd!

  1. Bryan, thank you so much for your very kind comments. We really enjoyed having you and the family visit, and it’s great that you had a nice weekend all over the SW and saw the mysteries of Stonehenge and Avebury too!

    Glad you liked the Gargoyle trick. I thought we were losing her at one point (two refusals, nul points!) but I was relieved she remembered her performers’ instincts and her contractual obligations!

    Still in a state of shock that the cake – my second ever – was nice!



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