No time to enjoy it!

Back to work this week with B&R.

Last nights rehearsal with the outstanding conductor Garry Cutt was a total wake-up call. After the 30-second exchange of “congratulations” from Garry to the band (for the Yorkshire Area win) and the band to Gary (for the Foden’s Northwest Area win which Garry conducted), it was right to work. 2-rehearsals and we do a big show in Huddersfield. The program is long (I sense a theme…) but AGAIN I don’t know any of the music!! Yes I have heard of it but when you sit down and read it and, 5 days later have a show, you appreciate what it takes to play on this level. The rehearsal ended 15-minutes early because the collective cornet chops were on the floor. Even the back row was tired.

Garry is a great conductor and it is great fun to work with him, I just wish he would quit smiling and winking at me each time he hears me split something. He ends up doing it so often his eye is going to get stuck like that!

It might help my cause if either I would split less or he had worse hearing. Debatable as to which is easier to change…….


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