You can put this in the “the world really is a small place” file:

This week with Hannah’s BFF visiting from the US, we decided to go to The North.  We hired a car and spent 2-days away.  First day was Alnwick, 2nd day was Holy Island.  Both were amazing but the interesting bit was the night between.

Sarah arranged for us to stay in a Youth Hostel in Wooler, Northumberland.  Turns out that this YHA spot is the furthest north of all the English hostels and is actually in need of quite a lot of TLC.  That said, it worked great for us, the 4-girls had a room, and I was lucky enough to get a bunk in a room to myself.  Total cost for the 5 of us staying the night + breakfast was 63 pounds 60 pence.  Very cheap.  The fun part was when we (I actually) started meeting the other guests while sitting in the common room.  Now bare in mind that Wooler is a nice but very little town, is in the middle of nowhere,  and is just sort of picturesque but not stunning.  So it was shocking to meet the following guests:

  • A student from Texas studying in Oxford who was up north for the week with his professor and 3 classmates
  • A US Navy guy from North Carolina (who’s wife is visiting family is S. America) and decided to take a couple of days away from his job in Cambridge
  • A lady from Russia also studying at Oxford but who did her master’s degree at RUTGERS where I did my DMA!!!

It was just odd.  It got even more strange the next day at Holy Island, when we met a couple who are from Florida and NYC and who now live in Texas.

Oh and when I say “we met” I really meant “I met them, and then introduced Sarah and the girls”.  As many of you know I just love talking to people and finding out who they are and what strange set of circumstances brought them to be in whatever strange place I happen to be with Sarah and the girls.  The problem is that Sarah and the kids think I’m nuts and would NEVER just start chatting to someone even if they are wearing a NY Yankees cap and have an American accent.

My “takeaway” from this is the world is a very small place indeed.


2 thoughts on “Really??????

  1. Hey Brian,long time,no talk.I’ve been reading your blog,and looking at your pictures from time to time.I was actually fooled on the 1st !It looks like you guys made the right move with this excursion.It will be something that you,and yours will never forget! Anyway,I just wanted to get you up to date here in reality.The Tigers still stink-come on the Twins are the real story.Plus they’ve got a new stadium.The Phils are beating up all the bad teams(they’re all bad).And we got our first game of the season under our belt-with a win.Can you believe it, there is a team worse that us!No,just kidding,it looks like we have a pretty decent squad.We are just missing two key parts…but it looks like Robby is coming to his senses,and joining us this week.And with all this site-seeing that you’ve been doing;I haven’t heard any mention of a batting cage-FIND ONE WILL YOU!! We’ll hold down the fort till you get here.Cheers to you! Tony

  2. Hi Tony,

    Great to hear from you. My schedule this summer is a bit of a mess concerning baseball. Looks like at most I’ll make 3 games. Not sure if I’ll be any help.

    Only cages here are for flipping cricket!!!! What is that flat bat all about?

    Keep the updates about the team coming. We come home 18 June.


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