Reliving my long lost youth…….

We returned to the site of part of our honeymoon (1992) and spent 3-glorious days in The Lake District this week. It didn’t do wonders for my chops (only played a bit each day) but below you can see a few of the amazing scenes. On our honeymoon Sarah and I biked around the area.  This time we drove the car. (It appears if you keep clicking on the photo you can get nearly a full screen image)

Photo 1-3: Honister Pass. In ’92 we biked up and down this 25% grade pass. This week we stopped and did a bit of hill climbing on foot.  Kate and I climbed MUCH higher then Sarah and Hannah (the latter was sick with a very bad cold the whole time and never once complained about it.  What a trooper. Toughness despite being a violinist).

Photo 4: The view out of our youth hostel window.  I sat in the window while I warmed-up (with a practice mute of course).

Photo 5: In the AM the clouds moved in over the hill tops after our 5-mile run..(You’ll just have to imagine me just trying to keep up with Sarah (a.k.a. “Crazy Legs”)

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