Only 6-days left

At the end of our time here. Can’t believe how fast 10-months goes.

We were to be spending 4-days in Switzerland with JC Dobrzelewski (Asst. Prof. of Trumpet at West Chester University) and about 10 US trumpet students but our flight on Thursday night was cancelled. By the time we got to the front of the EasyJet line to get another flight, everything from the north of England to Geneva was gone and so were the flights to Zurich. No joy!

For a minute we entertained the thought of an all-night bus to London which would have arrived around 6AM or so and then waiting at the airport for a 5PM flight but we wouldn’t have made any of the rehearsals and wouldn’t have made it to our destination until about 9 or 10 PM and wouldn’t have slept for 2 days. For 2 1/2 days in Switzerland we didn’t think we could make the kids do it. So we had to cancel the whole thing. I’m really bummed not to see JC and be able to play in his trumpet ensemble shows over there. Sarah and the girls were really excited about the trip too.

So we are just staying local and decided to rent a car for the weekend. Today we went to a museum called Magna. It is actually a converted steel mill that has become a science center. It was fantastic. If you are interested:

Of course you’ll all know the World Cup started last night and today England played the USA. I bet several of the B&R boys that the USA would win. Since it was a 1-1 draw I’m not sure I’ll be able to cash in on the beer winnings. England will consider it a loss but the American’s played very well. The lone goal for our side was of course the botched save by the English goalie. Poor guy. My favorite quote by the announcers: when the final American sub came onto the pitch “Here is the American substation. He was born in Aberdeen (Scotland) to an English father and Scottish mother who immigrated to Texas. He says he is playing for 2 countries today, The United States…..and Scotland.” Ha!

No more shows while I’m here. I’ll do rehearsals with Lindley on Monday and Wednesday (could have played their York Races gig today but since I had agreed to be away with the family I didn’t feel I could back out on that time) and have my final reh with B&R on Tuesday.

Of course this experience has changed me and the entire family in numerous ways which will take a very long time to understand and realize and for which we are VERY grateful. In addition, it appears both bands were happy to have me included in their groups for the year. Lindley presented me with a Black Sheep pint glass etched with the Lindley logo and “Cheers Bryan”, a Black Sheep bar towel, and a Black Sheep tee-shirt. Wonderful!

Then on Tuesday B&R presented me with a photo of our performance at Brass in Concert which was signed by the entire band. AND they gave me a B&R tankard engraved with the B&R logo and “Presented to Bryan Appleby-Wineberg in appreciation of services to The Brighouse and Rastrick Band September 2009-June 2010”. Just stunning!

I’m sure all of the above are going to find their way to prominent display positions in my office at Rowan. Might have to use the pint glass on occasion though…..


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